Helping Life Science Companies Gain and Sustain Market Traction
Helping Life Science Companies Gain and Sustain Market Traction

With more than 70 years of experience in the life science industry and a proven track record of delivering successful results, we can put our experience and expertise to work helping your business achieve winning results. Get traction in your marketplace, gain momentum, and leap ahead of the competition!

Approach Designed with You in Mind

BioTraction is committed to delivering real-world solutions customized for your unique needs. By listening and learning about your business goals and organizational challenges, we will focus our efforts on helping you where you may need it most, whether it is winning customers, increasing sales, gaining market share, or building equity. As your partner, our goal is to help you formulate strategies and plans that deliver quantifiable results. Your company’s success is the measure of our success.

Flexible Partners

BioTraction Associates understands the life science marketplace and the fierce competition you face on a daily basis. We also understand the need to act quickly and use budgets effectively. That is why we are flexible and creative in our approach to developing strategic and tactical options that can help you efficiently achieve your goals.

Technical Expertise

Unlike many firms offering marketing and general management services, we have the technical background to understand your products, technologies, and service offerings. This means that we can quickly get you on a track toward success.

An Extension of Your Team

Biotraction can not only help you develop strategic and tactical business plans, we can also help you put those plans into action. We can develop website content, sales collateral, pricing information, advertising, train your marketing and sales staff, and provide other tactical services and activities. Think of us as an addition to your marketing, sales, or management team.

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